Emmanuel College, Warrnambool.

10 Apr 2018 General all,

Later this year Emmanuel College in Warrnambool will open its new specialist performing arts centre aptly named 'THE STAGE', inspired by the acronym, Student Theatre for Arts and Growth at Emmanuel.

MultiTek Solutions is thrilled to have been awarded the 'Specialist Technical Contract' (STC) for this project, and is looking forward to collaborating with Cirillo Architects, Setting Line Theatre Consulting and the Emmanuel College school staff and community.

The assistance of Federal Government funding has enabled the commencement of works on the new performing arts building. The centre is being constructed within a repurposed and regenerated former hall in Ardlie Street. The new performing arts centre is a vital component of Emmanuel College's building Masterplan.

'THE STAGE' will encapsulate the genuine essence of a fully functioning performing arts venue with a 232-tiered seating theatre, recording studio and accompanying band rehearsal areas. There will also be various multi-purpose classrooms, a drama space and a dance studio. Music studios will provide areas to conduct both individual, small group, and ensemble tuition classes. A gallery space is also planned for the foyer along with a refurbished canteen-cafe, performing arts administration office, and other allocated staff areas.

MultiTek Solutions is proud to be associated with the continuing improvement of  'Arts' and 'Education' in South Western Victoria, and looks forward to contributing to this valuable project. The new centre will enable Emmanuel College to extend its VCE curriculum to include VCE Dance.