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Federation University approached MultiTek Solutions with a problematic scenario. The university required a reliable, state-of-the-art recording and playback system for their clinical nursing laboratories at both its Gippsland Campus "Churchill" located in the foothills of the Strzelecki Ranges, and Berwick Campus.


The nursing department had previously experimented with several off the shelf, low-cost recording systems. However, in the quest to improve learning standards, none of these methods proved successful. The university required a 'particular' custom made, high quality, and fool proof system tailored to its clinical laboratory nursing sessions.


Driven by a fundamental imperative to improve practice outcomes and increase learning opportunities, it was essential for the system to be high performing, yet non-obtrusive.


MultiTek Solutions designed and installed a 'Custom Network Video Recording System' tailored to meet the very specific training needs of the nursing departments at Federation University. Designed exclusively for Fed Uni, you won't find MultiTek's intuitive system anywhere else, as another like it just doesn't exist. The two campuses boast an impressive total of 24 network systems spread throughout five nursing laboratories


MultiTek’s unique system blends harmoniously with its surrounds while operating in an efficient, functional, and dependable manner. The microphones are highly discreet, yet sensitive for their size.


Students and staff at Fed Uni now use the NVRs as a critical analysis and self-reflection tool. Designed with education inspired tasks in mind the new recording system is proving to be an excellent assessment tool as it provides students with full debriefings of their involvement and nursing interactions. Students can record their simulation training sessions onto a USB stick and watch themselves in action; this enables them to identify areas for improvement as well as identifying strengths in their nursing practice.


The system engineered by MultiTek Solutions is a stroke of genius! The system provides broader opportunities for hands-on training and assists students in achieving greater competency levels and better success rates. Ultimately the NVRs provide invaluable feedback to students and educators. The clinical laboratories allow students to participate in simulated learning activities based on real clinical scenarios. Self-assessment is an essential element to lifelong learning and encourages increased dialogue between students and teachers; it is an empowering tool for critical awareness and reflectivity.


The intelligent NVRs designed and manufactured by MultiTek Solutions are helping to shift the direction of nursing education in Australia.



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