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When it comes to our environmental footprint, MultiTek Solutions understands that what we do today, will matter tomorrow. Wherever we can, we are committed to using smart energy alternatives and our guiding commitment is to make the world a greener, more sustainable place, while saving our clients' precious dollars in the process.


In 2014 MultiTek Solutions joined industry leader of energy efficient lighting control solutions ‘Philips Dynalite’ as a Certified Value Added Partner (CVAP). Dynalite's sophisticated range of lighting control systems and devices reduce the energy consumed by lighting in both COMMERCIAL and RESIDENTIAL settings.


Today, social and political attitudes have shifted toward an 'environmental consciousness' in fact when it comes to building and construction 'going green' is becoming more and more mainstream. Legislation is changing to foster new directives in the development of sustainable building products and procedures. Many Australians are now choosing to use specific environmental rating tools such as NABERS and Australia's Green Star to assist them in measuring their buildings' energy outputs and environmental impacts.


Dean and Anthea's magnificent new residence in Mount Duneed is a stunning example of how MultiTek Solutions were engaged to create an energy efficient, fully automated home using Dynalite's world-leading products. The palatial 50 square home is nothing short of 'intelligent'. High levels of automation allow both Dean and Anthea convenient control and safety of their property from anywhere. Cleverly designed to accommodate a family of eight the home boasts both an east and west wing with magnificent views of the region. Although the residence is much larger than the 'standard' Australian home, the installation of the Dynalite system by MultiTek allows for a holistic approach to energy conservation and lighting control.


With a busy work and family life, Dean and Anthea wanted a 'smart home' with energy saving features receptive to changing conditions throughout the day. MultiTek installed 37 ceiling mounted motion sensors and 152 channels of control allowing for superior power management functions through presence sensing, daylight harvesting, superior dimming, switching, and enhanced control management capacities. The system is engineered ingeniously with motion sensors and time sequences ensuring the lights are only on where and when needed; the house does not expend unnecessary energy. The Dynalite System ultimately saves the family money and time along with infinite resources and all at the touch of a button. Connectivity and interactivity allow for more efficient household management and regulation.


Dean said, "The most useful feature is automatic lighting in areas such as hallways, toilets, and bathrooms. Different zones behave differently depending on the time of day and ambient light levels. For example, my walk- in robe and our guest toilet has no windows, so the sensor always turns on the light and fan. The laundry has a lot of ambient light, so the sensor doesn't trigger during the day, after dusk, it triggers at 100% then after ‘Goodnight’ it triggers at only 20% brightness."




Dean enthused about other features such as the ability to disconnect power appliances if there is no-one in the room, or if the house is unoccupied. Other key features include managing controls via an iPhone app and randomly recalling scenes to make it look like someone is home when they are not.


Whether we like it or not the cost of energy is rising. But beyond the prudent economic reasons to 'go green' using sustainable lighting practices is a discerning step to not only reducing your gas emissions but improving your general energy consumption. The MultiTek Solutions' team are experts when it comes to customising and installing intelligent Dynalite Lighting Systems that provide a simplistic approach to energy management while putting control back into the hands of the occupants.


Technology is omnipresent and now beginning to be heavily integrated into our homes and workplaces. People are transitioning across to smarter home systems as an investment to not only save them money in the long term but also to reduce their carbon footprints which are directly related to the amount of electricity consumed in the household.


The construction and installation choices we make today will have a lasting impact on our lives into the future. Whether it's a large-scale project or a small-scale design MTS can engineer and install an automated energy management system that will achieve significant savings for you or your corporation. The installation of a Dynalite System to your business or home is the 'intelligent choice' in creating an energy smart building, or productive and resource-efficient work environment.


MultiTek has customised and installed Dynalite Systems for Performing Art Centres, Education Facilities, Government Departments, Private Corporations and Private Residences.


Speak to us today and find out how MultiTek Solutions can assist you in enhancing your green-based building control technologies. Become part of the growing movement for a CLEANER, GREENER, SAFER, and HEALTHIER workplace or home environment.



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