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It's always exciting at the beginning of a show when the curtains go up, and the action kicks off. Electricity permeates the air with a heady sense of anticipation; such is the exhilaration of live theatre!


However, there's always much more going on behind the scenes than meets the audiences' eyes. Broadly speaking, operating well out of sight is a talented backstage crew working clandestinely to keep everything running smoothly. Depending on the scale and type of production the technical crew may consist of just a few individuals or a large team divided into a multitude of positions.


At the heart of any theatre performance is the stage manager who assists the director and keeps everything ticking along. Whether it be time keeping or alerting actors with cues, the stage manager plays a pivotal role in the overall running of the production. Modern theatre venues and performing arts centres rely on customised stage management consoles that integrate flawlessly with all aspects of a show. With one of MultiTek Solutions' professionally designed systems everything for your venue including audience recall chimes, back and front of house paging, through to house lights, blue and work light systems is simplified.


For more than a decade, MultiTek Solutions has been working collaboratively with stage managers, theatre consultants, and technical staff to design and build bespoke consoles featuring tailor-made options unique to each client's requirements. MultiTek's stage manager consoles are intuitive and responsive; they can also be designed to be height adjustable, and easily detached from their trolley bases.


MultiTek uses durable materials in the construction of their consoles including a sturdy steel frame with timber laminate making each system long-lasting and able to cope efficiently with the challenges of theatre life. The equipment layout, finish, and colour can be customised to fit any criteria.


MultiTek Solutions' stage manager consoles provide maximum flexibility at a professional level. They are sophisticated yet easy to operate helping technical staff to achieve the overall artistic vision of a production.


Regardless of how spectacular the costumes, set designs, actors or directors are, steering the internal workings of a show to keep it efficiently running is essential to good stage management. MultiTek trains their clients to get the very best from their consoles as at the end of the day the stage manager is the vital link between the artistic and logistical elements of a live production. A MultiTek Solutions' stage management console is the difference between a 'good' job and an 'exceptional' job.


We've all heard the line "There's No Business, Like Show Business" - an indelible sentiment from Irving Berlin, but the truth of the matter is the theatre industry is a business like any other, and the work of the stage manager contributes significantly to the final product. Never underrate the dynamic role of the stage manager who is required to multitask, prioritise, and keep calm under pressure. A custom-built console by MultiTek is a smart investment for any theatre or performing arts venue to help manage the demanding tasks of stage management. When the curtain rises, you'll be satisfied and at ease knowing your show's in good hands with a MultiTek Solutions console.


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