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Last weekend Trinity College Colac celebrated its 'Golden Jubilee' with a gala concert performance and formal welcome in its wonderful new Jubilee Performing Arts Centre. It's been 50 years since Trinity started as a school and close to 130 years since the Sisters of Mercy opened a Catholic Secondary School in Colac. The venue was completed, just in time to mark the arrival of this special occasion.

The two-storey Jubilee Centre includes a 300 seat state-of-the-art theatre along with a spacious foyer. The new facility is part of Trinity College Colac's major building project. The new centre has a range of modern drama rooms, music rooms, music tute rooms, and a staff office area. There is also a control room, ticket and tea area, as well as several change rooms.

In collaboration with Marshall Day Entertech, Morton Dunn Architects, and BDH Constructions, MultiTek Solutions engineered and installed all the Audio Visual infrastructure into Trinity College's impressive new complex.


MultiTek Solutions meticulously designed a cutting-edge AV system that will see the college well into the future. MTS supplied and delivered audio-visual solutions catering for the full spectrum of production capabilities, whether it be large-scale school productions and small, intimate performances, or medium-sized workshops and lectures. A key factor was the usability of the AV system. MTS designed it to accommodate usage by everyone from teachers, students, administrators and school staff. It also needed to have unlimited device type connectivity with a broad input/ output capability.

The live production and specialised services program suite delivered by MTS will also enable students to learn about track laying, digital editing and mixing, audio-visual equipment operations and stage management.

MultiTek installed an impressive 180" motorised screen with an integrated canister lowering device; it sits commandingly above the stage space with self-powered QSC speakers and subwoofers blending seamlessly into the overhead lighting grid.

One of the most amazing features of the AV system is its ability to project on the expansive cyclorama at the rear of the stage or onto the 180" projection screen at the front of the stage. All of this is made possible with the simple touch of a button on the user-friendly control system!

The new Jubilee Centre will perform many functions for its users. Drawing back the retractable seating reveals a fabulous, flat floor area that makes a perfect space for holding gala dinners and large celebrations. The venue is also ideal for traditional proscenium arch performances.


Last week, MultiTek completed a series of Audio Visual induction and training workshops with teachers and IT staff that will facilitate the smooth operation of the Jubilee Centre's new technology and equipment.

The Jubilee Centre will provide students and staff with permanent learning spaces for Music and Drama. Constructed as a stand-alone building to the west of the College Hall, the facility will act as a hub for all things creative and expressive hosting drama and dance, music, studio and visual arts. Designed to cater for large gatherings and performances the new precinct will become a cultural destination for the school community and its creative programs. Offering opportunities for collaboration and inspiration from a variety of innovative mediums, the centre shall inspire the next generation of young performing artists.

MultiTek Solutions was thrilled to play an integral role in the specialised design and implementation of the theatrical infrastructure and equipment for the new Jubilee Centre. MTS looks forward to working with Trinity College again as the school undergoes further developments.


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