TAKE2 Victoria - MTS' Climate Change Pledge

14 Sep 2020 Latest News all,

Here at MultiTek Solutions, we've been doing our bit to reduce our carbon footprint and offset our carbon emissions. Our recent energy audit showed that we have significantly reduced our energy usage over the last twelve months, and this now gives us a working target to improve on.

As part of our carbon management plan, we installed a 10kW rooftop solar system which generates, on average, around 40kW per day, enough to run 2-3 average Australian households or at least one medium/large-sized business premise. Our solar panels are assisting in providing electricity to our office and factory premises.

Also, as part of our energy management plan, we have introduced into our fleet of vehicles a new-generation, all-electric Nissan LEAF, the LEAF emits zero exhaust fumes. When at the factory, the LEAF is conveniently charged from a dedicated charging point that we recently installed into our office car park. Our solar panels help provide all the necessary power needed to charge the LEAF.

Over the next twelve months at MTS, we are aiming towards energy independence, by significantly reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. We are working towards reducing and offsetting all our carbon emissions through programs that support global biodiversity including projects for habitats, endangered species and community development. There are numerous places businesses can now source carbon credits and achieve
zero carbon certification while reducing the overall environmental impact of energy use.

Our building and factory premises is controlled by a Crestron smart lighting system that ensures a single button turns off all lights and non-essential appliances on exiting the building. We have used the (carbonfootprint.com -Home of Carbon Footprinting) leading online carbon footprint calculator to audit our business and explore options for offsetting our emissions and setting aims for a realistic carbon reduction target.

Most businesses of our size have a carbon footprint of between 2 and 5 tonnes of carbon per employee. At MTS we have 11 employees, and we came in at 3.9, which is moderate; however, we would like to bring this down to 1.9 or eliminate if possible.

We recently took Victoria's TAKE2 Climate Change Pledge to help keep the temperature rise to under two degrees and work towards achieving important zero-net emissions.

Follow the link below to Victoria's TAKE2 website to read our pledge and learn more about what MultiTek Solutions is doing to reduce carbon emissions. We are proud to be part of this vital challenege.

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