MultiTek Solutions is a certified energy management solutions provider with both Crestron and Philips Dynalite providing clients with fully customised lighting control, energy management and building automation solutions across a broad range of applications. We also offer a full suite of Philip's Dynalite Luminaires.

MultiTek Solutions has established a reputation for providing cleverly engineered and reliable energy management systems for a vast range of sectors including residential establishments, government offices, retail spaces, entertainment venues and medical facilities; we can tailor a complete system that will increase productivity, efficiency and reduce your organisation's operational costs by up to 45%.


Building Management Systems

  • Automated Lighting Control
  • Building occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting
  • Energy monitoring
  • Customised usage-control and billing system
  • Lighting Fixtures and Solutions
  • System design, Installation and commissioning
  • Ongoing Reporting and Maintenance