Barwon Health North- Urgent Care Centre

Barwon Health North - Urgent Care Centre
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Geelong's northern suburbs now have access to the new Barwon Health North Medical Facility. The impressive new centre offers the very latest in flexible, high-quality, walk-in, medical care for Corio, Norlane and surrounding suburbs. 

The new centre is designed to alleviate pressure from Geelong's busy University Hospital's emergency department. Barwon Health North offers everything in care from sprained ankle treatment to medical imaging facilities and life-saving renal dialysis. 

In collaboration with Kane Constructions, MultiTek Solutions was engaged to complete the installation and commissioning of Audio-Visual (AV) infrastructure equipment to service ground floor and level 1 including the following specific deliverables: 


  1. Installation and testing of AV Specific data cabling
  2. Supply and Installation of all AV as outlined in the specification and subsequent coordination meetings with key stakeholders 
  3. Provide complete and working AV systems 
  4. Incorporate, in consultation with key stakeholders ensuring the integration of AV equipment to Barwon Health’s video conferencing equipment 
  5. Provide distributed audio via ceiling speakers as per the specification and submitted drawings, tuned and equalised to an appropriate volume and to enhance vocal clarity
  6. Provide Hearing Augmentation as outlined in the specification and to meet associated legislative requirements Provide easy to use control systems as specified in each area to control AV inputs and outputs. 


Barwon Health North opened its doors earlier this year and is proving to be a tremendous asset for the Lara, Norlane, and Corio communities. With the help of the latest Audio Visual solutions designed and installed by MultiTek Solutions, nurse-led clinicians can now capture, share and display relevant information across hospital networks with BHN's new cutting-edge AV and conferencing facilities.


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