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St Joseph's College Geelong recently contracted MultiTek Solutions to overhaul and upgrade its existing technology and communication facilities in the staffroom of its Newtown Campus. It was time to bring the staffroom Audio Visual Systems into the 21st Century with modern, new-age networking equipment.

With MTS on board to design and install the new AV systems the staffroom would be transformed from just a regular meeting and eating space into a dynamic and interactive technology hub capable of hosting state-of-the-art training and professional development activities. Integrating adaptive technology platforms throughout the staffroom was an essential part of the brief.



In consultation with St Joseph's College AV specialists, MultiTek Solutions upgraded the existing TV'S and AV network with the new Crestron MPC3-201 controls, and Crestron NVX AV encoder / decoders, to allow mirroring from the new projector to other displays throughout the room. The new upgrades mark a significant improvement on the previous staffroom setting.

Traditionally, staffrooms have been a place for teachers to kick back, eat lunch, re-caffeinate, debrief and recharge the batteries between classes. However, in more recent times with advances in technology, staffrooms are beginning to morph into more sophisticated spaces. When fitted out with the right technology, staffrooms can be transformed into contemporary places of advanced communication, planning, and collaboration. Some research even suggests that with improved technology in staffrooms, teacher productivity is much better.


AV and technology form an integral part of the fabric of most schools today, and this is not going away. The recent upgrades at St Joseph's College have enabled better communication and shared experiences to take place in the staffroom domain. By integrating digital technology throughout the staffroom, this space is now more dynamic and interactive.

Staffrooms are important places where valued friendships are formed, and they are paramount in creating a sense of belonging, connectedness and collegial support in schools. The staffroom is also a great resource, a place where team building and staff wellbeing can be nurtured.

MultiTek Solutions is pleased to have provided Audio Visual Solutions for this important upgrade. School staff have responded positively to the new AV systems. MTS hopes that with these recent improvements, the staffroom will become further enriched with a stronger sense of community and shared learning.


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