MultiTek Solutions takes Sustainability and the Reduction of our carbon footprint as a serious environmental and social responsibility.

We understand that the responsibility of the future of our planet lies with all of us and we have taken significant steps to improve our impact on the environment.

We know the amount of waste people create is increasing all the time and the industry in which we work is no exception. The packaging of sensitive and fragile technological equipment tends to require much more packaging than most other products. Furthermore, this packaging is often developed containing materials that are not biodegradable, therefore we have had to find ways of recycling our packaging in a sustainable way.

Our commercial sustainability practices include: 

  • Responsibly disposing of all globes containing mercury through Australasia’s most experienced mercury recovery and recycling company - CMA Ecocycle.
  • Our Cardboard goes to our local waste transfer Station for recycling.
  • Our polystyrene is collected by GDP Industries for specialist recycling
  • All of our e-waste is collected and sent to our local e-waste collection centre.
  • Our cable cut offs go to Geelong’s Metal Recyclers.

Within our own premises we have committed to our own sustainability practices, these include:

  • Keeping all office printing to a minimum, by implementing technological solutions and when printing is unavoidable, using only recycled paper and ensuring we recycle again
  • We use energy efficient LED lighting throughout our premises
  • Our premises is controlled by a Crestron smart Building Management System
  • We remove all our waste packaging from installation sites rather than risking recyclable materials ending up in landfill
  • We collect all our office kitchen waste, paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metals and recycle it fortnightly.


Other significant investments that we have implemented to reduce our carbon footprint include:

A 10kW rooftop solar system which generates, on average, around 40kW per day, enough to run 2-3 average Australian households or at least one medium/large-sized business premise. Our solar panels are assisting in providing electricity to our office and factory premises.

We have introduced into our fleet of vehicles a new-generation, all-electric Nissan LEAF, the LEAF emits zero exhaust fumes. When at the factory, the LEAF is charged from a dedicated charging point which is powered predominantly from our solar panels.

At MultiTek Solutions our vision is for a greener more sustainable planet that we can pass on to future generations.