Audio Visual | Theatre Technology | Energy Management | Unified Communications


Audio Visual

In today's busy world, high quality presentation and collaboration systems are becoming an essential part of how we work.

Presenting high tech and engaging content to your subjects is critical regardless of your profession.

MultiTek Solutions understands Audio Visual means different things to different people, so we aim to cover a large range of services within these areas.

We customise every installation to suit each client’s requirements and budget. By designing a system specifically to suit your organisation, you will end up with a higher quality, more suitable and more reliable system.


Display Solutions

  • Commercial LCD Displays of all makes, models and sizes
  • Lamp based and Laser Light source projectors for small spaces to large scale auditoriums
  • Fixed Frame, Manual and Fully Motorised screens from 100" to 550"
  • Tiled LCD Video Walls
  • Large scale indoor and outdoor LED Displays
  • Interactive Displays


Distributed Video

  • All in one presentation systems
  • Video Matrix Solutions
  • AV over IP Technology
  • Wireless Presentation Technology to suit all source platforms
  • Streaming and Recording Solutions


Audio Systems

  • High Quality in-room Surface mount and In Ceiling Speakers
  • Room Combining
  • Building wide distributed audio
  • Building Zone paging, background music and emergency services
  • Microphone Technology for any space including corporate and auditorium spaces
  • Networked Audio Technology


System Automation and User Interface

  • Processing and Control for integration of all systems
  • Easy to use and intuitive system automation
  • Integration of wider room features such as Lighting, Blinds, Security and Fire Services
  • Simple Button panels for ease of use on smaller projects
  • High definition Colour Touch panels with custom user interface for larger systems
  • Zero touch and one touch operation
  • Fully networked systems
  • On Premises and Cloud based Remote Monitoring


Room Booking Systems

  • Touchscreen Room booking panels
  • Seamless integration with on premises and cloud based Microsoft Outlook calendar
  • Seamless Integration with Google G-Suite
  • Integration with 15 third party platforms including Appspace and Microsoft Teams panel
  • A range of accessories including room availability lights and occupancy sensors
  • On Premises and Cloud based Remote Monitoring
  • Extensive Room usage data, automation and reporting


Digital Signage

  • Software and Hardware based Digital signage systems
  • Full networked solutions within buildings and across campuses
  • Scheduling facilities for content changes based on time, zone and special events
  • Easy single point content creation and scheduling
  • A range of displays of any kind, in any configuration, portrait or landscape to bring your content to life
  • Remote monitoring and troubleshooting


Theatre Technology

With a combined 50 years experience in all aspects of theatre and live production, MultiTek Solutions prides itself on its theatrical installations that provides not only the best possible facilities for the performers and technical staff but also meets the high expectations of the production staff and the public.


From small refurbishments to large scale new venues, MultiTek Solutions' unparalleled technical knowledge coupled with access to all major worldwide suppliers, allows us to design your theatre technology with the right equipment and with the end user in mind.


Lighting Fixtures & Control

  • Luminaries and Intelligent Fixtures
  • Dimmers
  • Wired and Wireless lighting control networks
  • Patching Systems
  • Consoles


Performance Audio

  • Professional Audio Systems - Design and Commissioning
  • System Digital Signal Processing
  • Analogue and Digital Consoles
  • Wired and Radio Microphones
  • Room Time Alignment
  • Audio Accessories


Intercom Systems and Stage Management Systems

  • Modular and Custom Stage Management Consoles
  • Wired and Wireless Talkback Systems
  • Back of House and Dressing Room Paging
  • Front of House Paging and Audience Recall


Audio and Visual Systems

  • Performance Relay Audio and Video Systems - Backstage and Front of House
  • High End Theatrical Projection Solutions
  • LED wall solutions
  • Video Distribution Systems


Energy Management


MultiTek Solutions is a certified energy management solutions provider with both Crestron and Philips Dynalite providing clients with fully customised lighting control, energy management and building automation solutions across a broad range of applications. We also offer a full suite of Philip's Dynalite Luminaires.


MultiTek Solutions has established a reputation for providing cleverly engineered and reliable energy management systems for a vast range of sectors including residential establishments, government offices, retail spaces, entertainment venues and medical facilities; we can tailor a complete system that will increase productivity, efficiency and reduce your organisation's operational costs by up to 45%.


Building Management Systems

  • Automated Lighting Control
  • Building occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting
  • Energy monitoring
  • Customised usage-control and billing system
  • Lighting Fixtures and Solutions
  • System design, Installation and commissioning
  • Ongoing Reporting and Maintenance


Unified Communications

Unified Communication and workplace collaboration continues to grow as a major feature to businesses across all sectors.

MultiTek Solutions are experts in the design, installation, commissioning and implementation of these systems, particularly as we move from hard codec style video conferencing to software based collaboration platforms.

Unified Communications can be implemented in any space, but careful design consideration must be used to ensure an excellent user experience with these systems. If done incorrectly it can dramatically degrade the quality and efficiency of these meetings.


By drawing on our decades of experience with these systems and ensuring we use the best hardware solutions from the leaders in the industry, we can ensure we provide the best solution for your specific collaboration area.


Huddle Spaces

  • All-in-One Sound Bar and Desktop Solutions
  • Integrated Displays
  • One-touch and Zero Touch meeting initiation
  • Electronic Room booking options
  • Occupancy sensors, people counting and usage information
  • Multi Platform options


Boardrooms and Large Collaboration Systems

  • Integration of collaboration systems to existing Audio Visual systems
  • Auto Framing, Auto Tracking and other advanced camera solutions
  • Huge Microphone range suited to the requirements of your space
  • Integration of recording and streaming solutions
  • Lecture style spaces integrating collaboration
  • Integrated Large format Displays
  • One-touch and Zero Touch meeting initiation
  • Electronic Room booking options
  • Occupancy sensors, people counting and usage information
  • Multi Platform options


Software Platforms

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • Cisco Webex
  • Polycom
  • Plus all other popular platforms